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Ortho Web Portal - Practice Communication Package Pages

Practice Communication Package Pages

How much time and energy is spent by your staff communicating information to your patients? What if that communication could be done for your patients, easily, online?

Communicating your practice information on your website, can reduce the stream of repetitive questions handled by your staff. When your patients have a better understanding of who you are and what you do, familiar with office policies, come to appointments with paperwork completed and prepared with questions to ask their physician in-hand; your practice will benefit with a reduction in staff workload, waiting room time, and exam room time allowing your practice to increase office efficiency, schedule more patients and focus on patient visits. Well-informed patients that are active participants in their own medical care will benefit your practice.

Welcome (home page)

The welcome page is meant to welcome your patient and give them an overview of your practice. We customize your site to have the look and feel of your practice. Our design team will build your custom site with your personalized practice information, color scheme, and page choices. The welcome page design contains the elements of navigation, design and overall look that your customers will experience when visiting your site.

About Us

The About Us page is specifically designed to inform your patients about your practice. It is also a great opportunity to talk about your practices history and recent achievements.


Highlight common conditions that you treat, as well as ancillary procedure. Web pages about services receive lots of visitors.

Meet our Staff/Doctors/Physical Therapists

We use thumbnails to show all the staff at a glance, and detailed profiles that includes the staff's name, portrait photo, written profile, and CV.

Billing & Insurance

List the insurance plans you participate in and tell patients how you expect them to pay their bills. Using the Ask Billing interactive tool will give your patient the ability to securely ask questions about their statement online, rather than over the phone, which will decrease the time your staff spends on patient billing questions, and improve patient service and satisfaction. Online Bill Pay enables your client to pay his invoice via PayPal (doctor must have a PayPal account)
Ask Billing and Online Bill Pay

New Patient Page

The New Patient Page educates the patient with the necessary tools and documents required upon arrival to your practice. This increases office efficiency by allowing the patient to arrive with the proper information, paperwork, and documentation.

Newsletters with subscription e-Form

The "Newsletter" page allows a user to subscribe to an electronic newsletter via email. With purchase of our CMS and the Manage Newsletters Module add on, a list of all subscribers will be captured and you will be able to develop and distribute your newsletter using our friendly interface.

Events & Seminars with Registration e-Form

This page lists the events and seminars supplied to us by you and enable your patients, future patients, and colleagues to register for them via our eForm link.

Affiliated Hospitals

We list each of the hospitals with which your practice is affiliated, including a thumbnail photo, address, phone number, and link to their website.

Office Location(s)/Maps and Directions

We list your address, phone number, fax number, and office hours so that patients and colleagues can easily get in touch with you. This page comes standard with personalized driving directions and an embedded Google Map.

Customized FAQs

"FAQs" are some of the most heavily visited pages. Wondering what to post? Poll staffers on the questions they hear most frequently, and then write up your responses.

Patient Testimonials

Quickly add credibility to your practice via the Patient Testimonials Module. The easy to use testimonial form and photo upload quickly gives the user the ability to talk about the positive experience at your practice. This is also a great way to build upon the personal connection between your practice and the patient.

Referring Physicians

The referral process is instrumental in connecting you with patients in need. This series of pages include request a physician referral tool kit, fax referral form, and a referring physician contact area, thus enabling you to generate useful referral relationships by connecting with other providers, and simplifying your referral process.

Media Center

Use the media center page to keep patients up-to-date on new advancements in technology, highlight your publications, articles, and media regarding you or your practice.