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Ortho Web Portal - CMS Modules

Our Content Management System and maintenance program can put you in the driver seat of your site.

Don't like the way something looks? No problem. You can change it in seconds.

CMS Module Platform

Content and Search Engine Management

Our dynamic CMS module platform is designed with your practice needs in mind. By selecting CMS modules that fit your practice online marketing goals, our platform seamlessly integrates your module choices into a customized CMS system specifically built for your practice. The flexibility of the platform allows you to stay within your budget and add modules as your needs grow.

The platform allows you to create, manage, and store hundreds or thousands of pages in a database without the need to update each one of them. It creates tables and supporting structures allowing you to modify data such as inserting, updating, and deleting records. We have optimized it to adhere accurately to structural rules and to control synchronization and security. The interface has been designed with simplicity, allowing quick mastery and ease of use.

CMS Module Selections

You have the power to manage every piece of information on your site. Pro Marketing has an ultra-talented development team that will create a Custom CMS for your practice based on your module selections. Choose from an endless list of module choices to achieve your goals.

Modules included in Your CMS Package

Manage Pages/Blogs Module Create, edit, and delete website pages or blogs. Create blogs that are more fun and interesting than just text on a page. There is also an option to add more "metadata" keywords for your Search Engine Optimization to help increase your webpage's rankings.

Manage Image Slider The Image Slider Module feature is a great opportunity to create excitement and accentuate key features by graphically promoting a new product or new service that your orthopedic practice offers. Create rich and vibrant, dynamically changing content, making every visit to your web site an enjoyable and rewarding experience!

FAQ Module FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are a way to answer the common question that many users have without having to answer each user individually. You can easily add and delete questions to build a great resource for your patient that saves them time and effort.

Add-On Modules

(*Additional Fees apply- not included in package page selection)

Manage Polls Module* $299 You can easily create, edit, and delete user polls. Polls allow you to gather quick statistics and information about your users to better your practice. Polls can have as many options as you want but users can vote in each poll only once so that the statistics gathered are more accurately.

Manage RSS Feeds Module* $800 RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) are a way to bring a lot of content from many other sites into your website and in essence, add much more to the content to your web site that you did not have to create! Here you can manage the RSS feed articles and select the content to display, to particular users. Pull Data from your favorite medical RSS source to display on your website.

Manage Users Module* $1500 Easily manage new and existing users. Clicking on a users name will open a new window to activate, deactivate, or delete users, and edit their information.

Manager Calendar Events Module* $1700 Calendars are great ways to increase productivity, organize time and make sure everyone is aware of scheduled events. Synchronize and manage upcoming events, and work schedules.

Newsletter Module* $800 Connect with your patients via e-mail on a weekly, biweekly, or a monthly schedule. Use this module to communicate various things such as new services, and featured products offered by your practice. This tool will capture users e-mail addresses allowing you to develop a database and help you promote your practice and services.

Subscription Module* $500 This Module allows your patients or clients to submit their email addresses to be added to your database. These email addresses are used when sending out newsletters or other emails.

Patient Testimonial Module* $800 Easily add and update your patient testimonials and photos.

CMS Package

CMS Module Platform Modules included:

  • FAQ Module
  • Page/Blog Module Subscription Module
  • Image Slider Module


Add-On Module Pricing

  • Manage Users Module $1500
  • Manage Polls Module $299
  • Manage RSS Feeds $800
  • Manage Calendar Module $1700
  • Newsletter Module $800
  • Subscription Module $500
  • Patient Testimonial Module $800

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